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"Former Treasure Valley Pumps"

Automated Pumps is a locally owned and operated pump installation, repair, and irrigation pump contractor servicing the Treasure Valley in Idaho and surrounding parts of Southwestern Idaho.

Our expertise extends to all needs and services pertaining to water wells and pumps, and irrigation well systems. Although we do not drill wells, the services that we provide to these systems (already in place or new installs) include pump inspection, water well pump replacement, pump mapping, water well pump design, water well pumps, automated water well pump installation, water well pump maintenance, pump upgrades, and of course, water well pump repair.

We operate locally to better serve our customers and provide fast and efficient service, but we are willing to go the extra mile as well to provide customers stellar service, even if they are off the beaten path. We pride ourselves on our reliability, professionalism, and our ability to leave our clients completely satisfied with our work and job performance. With flexible scheduling and affordable prices, we are the family water well and irrigation pump company that you can count on.

Well Pump Services
Water Well Pump Services

▶ ︎Domestic Water Well Pump Installations
We may not provide the drilling services, but we are the top choice for your domestic water well pump installation. When you need a pump that will go the extra mile, trust Automated Pumps.

▶ ︎Irrigation Well Water Pump Installations
We specialize in irrigation water well pump installations and repairs. If you have a well, but need irrigation pump services, from installations to troubleshooting existing pumps, give us a call.

▶ ︎Water Well Pump Service and Support
Whether you are a current customer or just need a dependable water well pump service, Automated Pumps out of Eagle, ID, is the company to call with stellar service for over 10 years. We also do yearly maintenance if requested!

Whether you need softeners, iron or arsenic removal, or chlorination treatment, …we are there for you.

▶ ︎Broken or Sputtering Pump Repair
Have a broken or sputtering water well pump or irrigation well pump? Don’t wait until things get worse, call Automated Pumps today and we can answer questions and schedule a repair.

Domestic Well Services

Automated Pumps offers various domestic well services for both pre-existing wells and new well installation. These services range from design and installation of new well systems and inspections, repairs, and also maintenance of existing well systems.

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Water Pump Services

Our experience and passion in the water well pump industry allow Automated Pumps to meet the water supply demands of irrigation, industrial, municipal, and other pumping needs. We build our pumps with durable construction, simply lasting designs, and corrosion-free materials.

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Irrigation Well Services

Irrigation wells are drilled into an aquifer that contains ample water supply needed to support crops and livestock. Automated Pumps services irrigation well pumps, installation, mapping, design, and irrigation well pump repair. We can also complete old water well pump extraction and complete replacement, giving you peace of mind for the upcoming year.

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